CBD Face Serum 500 mg

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CBD Anti-Aging Serum draws upon the nourishing properties of hemp to moisturize and refine the skin. Hemp works to prevent premature aging, regulate excess oil and soften dry skin. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin c, this serum plumps and tones for a balanced and natural glow. The Retinol from Vitamin A enhances this serum to combat early signs of aging, along with helping correct existing damage. Also, the hyaluronic acid targets dry spots by deeply moisturizing the skin. It is infused with witch hazel and aloe leaf extract for added nourishment. 

• Prevents premature aging 
• Reduces redness
• Deeply moisturizing 
• Reduces inflammation 
• For combination skin  (Dry & Oily) 

  • 100 % Non-GMO
    • THC Free
    • Sourced from USA-grown, organic hemp
    • No Animal Testing